Twitter Marketing

Today, around 500 million tweets are dispatched into the Twitter-verse every 24 hours from all over the globe.

Bizzexpose is a Twitter Marketing Company in Durban

With over 313 million monthly active users and a young demographic to engage with you aren't you using Twitter Marketing, twitter is a great platform for most marketers.

What makes twitter different?

An approach to every social media site should be different. For example, your twitter works and where it fits in the social media landscape will shape the way you use it

Why should you use twitter?

  • Sharing information and content
  • Driving engagement for promotional activities
  • Interacting with customers
  • Networking
  • Branding
  • Reputation management

Our strategy

Our approach is grounded in careful, detailed research, which updates our creative process and customer gaining strategy. While other agencies hold you at an arm’s length, our strategy involves building dedicated agencies inside your world. We do this because we’re at our best when we walk in your shoes. We are then able to operate at the speed of your business, providing you with measured, impactful work that will help you grow and amplify your brand.

We aim to put your brand into words and put those words into action.

If you are unhappy with the lack of leads and customers, you are getting from your twitter marketing strategy contact us now as our skilled team is ready to help you through our twitter marketing strategy.

Twitter is not as vast as Facebook when compared with features like video, text chatting, page customization or profile matching and friend suggestion. Twitter is an instant blogger which is widely used by business kings and celebrities. It is a follow system where you can follow tweets (messages) from people and companies you like or want to. This is a perfect place for business promotions as this is not locally occupied by Desis. You can increase the number of followers by increasing your popularity.

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