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DID YOU KNOW: There is 23 million South Africans are on Social Media. That is a whopping 40% of the population, who spend approximately 2 hours and 48 minutes on social media daily.

Bizzexpose is a Social Media Marketing Company in Durban

Seriously,  social media marketing involves constant upkeep and is a full time job! Content updates, uploading educational or promotional videos, what customers are enquiring about or feel about your business, reply to messages and provide feedback when necessary. With people spending about 80% of their time socializing online every day why not catch them where they always are? At Bizzexpose we understand that Social Media Marketing is the fastest way to get in front of millions of potential customers in a short space of time, in just a few clicks.

Social Media is a huge and growing marketplace with great potential for businesses to both advertise their products and services as well as gain valuable market insights into their customer's needs and pain points. Don't feel shy to ask questions and get to know your audience.

We create a monthly social media calendar that will take your business to the next level. We create compelling and relevant content that will grab the attention of potential customers, increase brand visibility and generate leads.

Bizzexpose helps clients and brand by managing different social media business pages on these networks:

How We Use Social Media Marketing To Help Grow Your Business

  • Research and Developing a marketing strategy based on client goals and ROI.
  • Social media accounts and business pages set up.
  • Create, post graphics and text on behalf of the client.
  • Stay current, share on trends and news relevant to the client’s business.
  • Increase the number of followers and engagement by getting to know them and their needs.
  • Community facilitation to the client's target market.
  • Customer service for the client.
  • Marketing analysis.
  • Performance reports.
  • Boost traffic to your company website, with people interested in your product.
  • Improve conversion and brand awareness.

The Bizzexpose team will create a strategy, that will target your audience, engage with them in the right way and get them to fulfill your marketing objectives. Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool, so use it wisely.

Social Media Audiences

Sourced From Hootsuite

Social Media Don't

Social media marketing doesn’t come without its own potential shortfalls. If it is not researched, planned and executed correctly, it can damage your online visibility rather than building it.

  • DON'T Use Vulgar language: Don't use vulgar, profane or insulting language. Ad text should never be rude, offensive or bullying. While we on the topic of content also double check your content for spelling and grammar errors.
  • DON'T Deceptive claims: Your Facebook and Instagram ads can't contain false, fraudulent or misleading claims or content. If you offer them a discount, give them a discount. If you offer plumbing services make sure it goes to your plumbing content.
  • DON'T Ignore Mobile Users: For every 1 desktop user, there is 3 mobile user. So when creating ads and images make it mobile compatible.
  • DON'T Put Your Campaign On Automatic: It is important that you screen your advertisement daily or weekly. Continuously monitor and make changes as needed to accomplish better outcomes. Always improve your ads. This will also help you with not spending too much money.
  • DO's: 80 20 Rule with Ads: Most importantly, Facebook has a standard of 80% image and 20% text. This implies that an image advertisement is dismissed on the off chance that it is covering over 20% of the space with content.  Keep it simple, spotless, clear, straightforward and imaginative.
  • DO's: Know your target audience: This will help you design your ads, text and make it relevant to your target user. It will help you reduces your ad spend targeting the right people in the best location.
  • DO'S: Simple Call To Action: Don't confuse the potential client. Have them do one thing such as supply their contact details, sign up for a newsletter, like our page, buy now, etc

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