Search Engine Optimisation Durban (SEO Durban)

Do you run a business in Durban, South Africa? Maybe you don’t have a website or people can’t find your website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Bizzexpose is a SEO Company, based in Durban South Africa

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

SEO refers to search engine optimisation as the process of making upgrades to your website design, website sitemap and content in order to supercharge its appearance in the search engines. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. By optimising your website for the search engines, you can increase your visibility in the organic, or un-paid, search engine results.

DID YOU KNOW? Page 1 results garnered 92 percent of all traffic from the average search, with traffic dropping off by 95 percent for Page 2. Source from Search Engine Watch

At Bizzexpose our SEO service contains everything from an initial consultation to keyword generation, copywriting, creating incoming links, website re-development, submitting and finally reporting about the service results. Our effective SEO strategy helps your website to appear at the top of search results. We offer this service for all kinds of businesses (small, medium-sized and large).

The importance of SEO and why every business needs it:

As times are changing, so are the ways of doing things, Search engines serve millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions or for solutions to their problems. If you have a web site, blog or online store, SEO can help your business grow and meet the business objectives (whether as an individual or a business) SEO can help you.

  • Most search engines users are more likely to click on one of the top 5 suggestions in the results pages (SERPS - Search Engine Results Pages). To take advantage of this and gain visitors to your web site or customers to your online store, your website needs to appear in one of the top positions.

DID YOU KNOW: 75% of Internet users never scroll past the first page of search results. Source From: Hubspot

  • Secondly, SEO is not only about search engines, but good SEO practices improve the user experience and usability of a web site.
  • Users trust search engines and having a presence in the top positions for the keywords the user is searching, increases the web site’s trust through SEO with Google.
  • SEO has the importance of being good for the social promotion of your web site. People who find your web site by searching Google or Yahoo are more likely to promote it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media channels.


Typical User Behaviour

Position 1 (organic search) gets 33% of the total search volume traffic

Benefits of using SEO - Search Engine Optimization

  1. Ranking importance: Research shows that approximately 85% of all websites are found via search. SEO is used to build trust & credibility. SEO is also the main source of leads for most online business.
  2. Effective strategy: SEO allows you the ability to choose keywords phrases for searches performed by potential customers. Having a good SEO, can also mean a better user experience
  3. Target Local SEO: Brings high quality visitors which results in high quality leads and higher conversion rates: A Solid SEO strategy and search friendly web design will help bring visitors / potential clients to your website. Thus increase leads and sales.

    DID YOU KNOW: 78% of the people search for something nearby on their smartphones and then visit a store within a day. And 28% of these searches for something nearby end up in a purchase. Sourced from Monster Insights.

  4. Major search engines: 96% of internet users begin with their web search through a major search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) So be found on Google and get your brand noticed.
  5. Affordable: Unlike other marketing tools, organic is earned and not paid for the number one position. So the more you put in the more you get out. It is not based on how much money you spend to play with the big boys. In addition to that once you start ranking you can always reduce your adspend.
  6. User-ability and Website Speed: No one, including Google, likes a slow website and that does not function well. Being Mobile Friendly is a must!
  7. Long Term Growth: Using SEO is an excellent long-term strategy. Get your company ranking on google for as many keywords as possible is the goal. Once it's there it will produce amazing results, your 24/7 promotional tool and get your noticed.
  8. Measurable: Yes your SEO results can be measured with awesome tools like Google Analytics or Google Website master. See what keywords visitors are finding you with and test your conversion.
  9. Outwit, outrank and outsmart your competitors: Small businesses never have a big marketing budget, so you can compete with the big boys on Google Adwords and Facebook Paid Campaign. However, an effective SEO strategy will be your way to rank higher than your competitor, get the attention and brand awareness your company deserves. This will help you increase your market share.
  10. Increase your social media presence: YES, you can rank on Google for your social media accounts. So why not take advantage and grow your number on your Facebook or Instagram.

SEO Statistics for 2020

Handpicked by Bizzexpose to show you the relevance. The stats below will give you an idea about how important and powerful SEO is, then you should know that search is the number 1 source of traffic for any website. We implement SEO in our website.

  • Google dominates the search engine industry. In 2019, 92.71% of search queries were done through Google, which means 9 out of 10 people used Google to lookup queries. Sourced from Monster Insights
  • Google has received nearly 2.3 trillion searches this year. Sourced from Internet Live Stats
  • Of the billions of searches that happen on any given day, 15% of daily searches are new to Google. Sourced from Google
  • On the first page alone, the first five organic results account for 67.60% of all the clicks. Sourced From Zero Limit Web
  • Google’s search algorithm uses more than 200 factors to rank websites. Sourced from Backlinko
  • The average content length of the top position Google article contains 2,416 words. Source from serpIQ
  • Long-tail keyword searches have a click-through rate 3% to 5% higher than generic searches. Source from Smart Insights
  • The second most important ranking factor is backlinks. Ahrefs did a study and found that 91% of websites get no organic traffic from Google. One of the reasons for this was that 55.24% of pages didn’t have any backlinks. Sourced from Monster Insights
  • 46% of searches on Google are for local services and businesses. Sourced from Monster Insights

Bizzexpose Search Engine Optimization Services

Will perform the following SEO Processes to the get the best results:

  1. Define Client’s Need (SEO Requirements) – As soon as we have an understanding of just where you would like your site to be, we are able to begin to investigate exactly why it hasn’t achieved its potential. We’ll learn about your business model, assist you to define your key objectives and align our digital offering to meet your needs.
  2. Keyword Research – Proper research ensures that your web site is optimised around the keywords most often used by your customers. Without proper research, Optimisation is likely to yield poor results. The research phase produces a finalised set of keywords that may be anywhere from 1-500 keywords.
  3. Identifying your competition – After selecting the best keywords, it is important to know which websites rank highest in the major search engines. Web sites that appear the most for the keywords you would like to target is often are referred to as your ‘Competition.’
  4. Evaluating your competition – Evaluating your website against your current competition provides an idea of where the primary efforts of optimisation should be focused. Comparing your web site to those of your primary competitors is an excellent way to set defining benchmarks and determine future objectives. This comparative approach is the ideal way to determine what you’re doing right, in addition to what you could be doing better.
  5. Detailed Web Analysis – A more comprehensive evaluation of your web site provides the information important to plan a professional optimisation. By analysing your current industry and its present standards with regards to internet marketing and also Search Engine Optimisation, we’ll better understand how to increase the exposure of your brand and company to a degree that produces the best possible results, and determine gaps in the marketplace.
  6. Optimisation – Armed with the important information put together in our Search Engine Optimisation audit we are now far better prepared to present Search Engine Optimisation consultation by describing the main areas of your web site that will require focus. We’ll recommend priorities as well as eventually, create your map for future online success.

How to choose keywords and content for your website.

Put yourself in the potential client shoes!

  1. Target Market: Do you know who your ideal buyer is??? Thats great! So use keywords and content around their interest, their needs, the way they think, their pain point or frustration. The reason you in business is because of your buyers, so get to know them.
  2. Keyword Research Online Tools: Use tools such as Google Analytics, Google Web Master or Ubersuggest . See what your website and competitors are ranking for you.
  3. Long Tail Keywords: Do not be afraid to use long-tail keywords. 4 or more words. Long-tail keywords produce the bulk of all online searches. Here what this means:
    • If you search for “marketing” on google you will get "About 13 810 000 000 results (0,69 seconds)".
    • If you search for “best marketing company ” you’ll likely get hundreds of thousands of results. To be more precise "About 3 050 000 000 results (0,74 seconds)"
    • If you search for “best marketing company in Durban” you will find BIZZEXPOSE. You’ll get much fewer results that more closely match what you’re really looking for. About 5 860 000 results (0,65 seconds)

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